Corporate Trading Account

Corporate Account

This is for a person who runs a business in which trading is part of the operation. It can also be for traders who aim to make a business out of trading.
Blink Capital, Trade Metals, Energies, Currencies and Indices With BCM

How to open a corporate Account with BCM?

The customer will log on to and click on the Start Trading Button website to open an online trading account. The customer will receive a User ID and Password through an email. After entering the User ID and Password, the customer is registered with PMEX broker.
The customer will log in to the Dashboard with the broker, fill the account opening form, agree to the Terms & Conditions, Risk Disclosure Document and Terms and Conditions of KYC Application Form, attach supporting documents listed on the page and submit for broker’s verification.
After verification, the broker will send the customer’s details and documents to NCCPL.
NCCPL will send One Time Password vis SMS to the customer within 48 hours.
The customer will log in to the broker’s dashboard and enter the OTP and press submit button.
Within 24 hours of submission of OPT, the customer will receive PMEX notification via e-mail with MT5 trading account credentials (Trading Account ID and Password).
The customer will approve its account profile by logging in to PMEX Back Office Portal to initiate seamless trading.
You have full, free access to our consultants, risk management team, Technical & Fundamental Analysts, platform technicians and other supporting personnel around the clock.
Trade Metals, Energies, Currencies and Indices With BCM

Watch the below video to understand the corporate trading account opening process with BCM

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