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Hassan Maqsood

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Invest. Trade. Grow

Invest. Trade. Grow. This is not just a tagline of our company BCM (Blink Capital Management), but a whole new concept of this modern world with changing trends. Trading is one of the oldest activities in the history of mankind evolved during the era when the economy was based on the barter system. People used to trade physical goods through conventional means of transportation.

The invention of modern modes of transportation like Ships and Airlines connected the world to an upgraded level, opening the new markets for trading.

The computer and Internet were the greatest inventions of the 20th century which have done wonders in the field of technology and the virtual world.

Technology has converted the World into a global village in real terms introducing the concept of ’’Online Trading”.

Online Trading proved to be the biggest revolution in the financial world. All the conservative and traditional investment options like Bank Deposits, Mutual Funds and National Savings are either giving no returns or returns are so minimal that they even do not cover inflation which is on the rise every month. The real estate sector has also been facing so many losses, and it is very slow during the last 5 years. Recently, the biggest new normal of the pandemic has induced the rise in the need for online businesses and trading.

We have seen a tremendous increase in the number of investors who are placing their investments in Commodities like Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper and Palladium, in the Energy Sector which includes Brent Oil, Crude Oil and Natural Gas. Margin Trading (buying on minimum upfront payment) has made investment in major currencies and international indices more lucrative to the investors. The world is shifting to Alternate Investment Options. So, I invite you to explore these alternate investment options.

We can understand that this field has not been properly introduced in Pakistan by professional & competent people that led to losses, misconceptions and lack of trust among the masses. It is the need of the hour that we should take this responsibility to change the old mindset of people by the best guidance and services. Team BCM aims to introduce Commodity and Financial derivatives trading as authentic, stable, legitimate and prosperous business in Pakistan through a legal platform of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited.

Our team is specialized primarily in Investment Consultancy, Research and Analysis of the Market, Trading, Risk Management and Portfolio Management for individuals and corporate entities. We are very confident that your experience of working with our team will not only revive your confidence in international trading but also enhance your profitability.

Hassan Maqsood

(CEO) Blink Capital Management
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