How Do You Trade Futures

Self Trading

To become a Self trader, all you need is to open an account with (BCM) and start trading the major Futures Markets. Self trading is what most retail futures traders do. It’s “self-directed” because they make their own decisions, execute their own trades, and ultimately take responsibility for the consequences of their own actions, whether such actions result in a profit or a loss. 

Most of this trading activity happens “online,” meaning that they use a computer-based futures trading platform through which they transmit their orders via internet connection. They trade directly on a futures exchange, like Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX)

Trade Metals, Energies, Currencies and Indices With BCM

Trading Platform

The trading platform is the software you run on your computer or mobile device to place online trades. For example, BCM is a futures broker that provides a trading platform (MetaTrader 5) for Traders in Pakistan to trade Futures through Computers and Cell Phones. Even though you choose to trade independently, we, as your dedicated futures broker, are here to provide you with advice and assistance.

You have full, free access to our consultants, risk management team, Technical & Fundamental Analysts, platform technicians and other supporting personnel around the clock.

Trade Metals, Energies, Currencies and Indices With BCM

Type Of Accounts

Individual Account

This means that you plan on trading under your name and are making 100% of your trading decisions. This is the simplest form of futures account to open.

Joint Account

Joint Account, for example, where you and your spouse could both have access to the account. Some traders prefer this method in the event that a sudden unfortunate circumstance occurs to one of the spouses.

Corporate Account

This is for a person who runs a business in which trading is part of the operation. It can also be for traders who aim to make a business out of trading.

Trade Metals, Energies, Currencies and Indices With BCM
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