Why BCM Is Different

Professional and capital protective approach at BCM differentiates us from our competitors. We practice the following standards of procedures (SOP’s).

Why choose BCM?

We offer one-click trading experience in Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Dow Jones 30, Nasdaq 100 & SPX 500 in Pakistan from your Mobile & Desktop.

We offer advanced yet user-friendly online trading platform (MetaTrader 5) of PMEX to make your trading experience even better. Major global markets at your fingertips, Trade wherever you are, whenever you want.

Any person or a body corporate who wants to trade on the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange platform needs to approach a member broker of PMEX (Blink Capital Management) to open a trading account. Once the account is opened and funds (margins) are made available, clients can trade at their own convenience via the (MetaTrader 5) trading platform.

Competitive Commission Structure

Our commission plans are highly competitive with the market. Low commissions enable our clientele to secure more profits.

Safety of Funds

The clients’ funds are allocated directly from his/her registered bank account to the trading account at PMEX through Direct Fund Model (DFM)

Diversification of Portfolios

We, at BCM have a qualified & experienced team of technical & trading experts, whom are focused on the diversification of Client’s Investments portfolios by using technical & trading expertise and applying risk management techniques.

Trading Tutorial

We, at BCM provide complete market research, guidance and tutorials to our Clients. Feel free to ask regarding trading issues.

Transparency of Trades

Daily Statement of transactions is provided to clients for keeping record of every trade executed in the market.

Dedicated Trading & Analyst Team

BCM, at the specific request of its Clients can assign a competent & professional analyst to assist the Client. The dedicated professional will remain in direct contact with the Client to keep him fully updated regarding the Market.

MetaTrader 5

BCM does not charge anything for Meta Trader 5 service and the trading platform of PMEX is very User Friendly, through which you can trade from anywhere across the world. Through MetaTrader 5, trade executions are much more instant

Quality Customer Service

We are available 21/5 and we ensure quality customer service up to the rich satisfaction of our clients.
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